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What Is a Tiger's Eye Stone and It's Meaning?

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. November 17, 2021
What Is a Tiger's Eye Stone and It's Meaning?

The tiger's eye is a semi-precious stone composed of different minerals. It is noted for its shimmering brown and yellow appearance which makes it easy to identify. Although relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to diamonds and other precious stones, it is often used for decoration in jewelry. However, as with many other gems, tiger eye also has a metaphysical quality which is represented in various cultures. Some of these cultures even consider the tiger's eye to be a powerful amulet.

At oneHOWTO, we ask what is a tiger's eye stone and its meaning? By seeing what the tiger eye represents, we can see why it is considered so powerful and what properties it is believed to have.

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  1. Tiger's eye meaning
  2. Properties of tiger's eye stone
  3. Uses of tiger's eye stones
  4. How to use tiger eye

Tiger's eye meaning

Once polished, the tiger's eye or tiger eye has a beautiful luster. It has been used as ornament in ancient civilizations, with many records appearing from Ancient Egypt. Although there are various theories as to the origin of its name, the most likely is due to the predominant amber hue of the stone. When it light is shone onto it, the reflection radiates a unique shine which is reminiscent of that given by the mysterious and penetrating eyes of a tiger.

Now we know why it is called a tiger's eye, we can look deeper into the meaning ascribed to it. The strength, energy and dexterity of the big cat from which the gem received its name help us to understand its symbolism. For years, tiger's eye has been related to good luck and protection. In fact, the tiger's eye is considered to be one of the best protectors against curses, similar to how the nazar is used to protect against the evil eye.

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Properties of tiger's eye stone

As an esoteric stone, there a certain properties ascribed to the tiger's eye. To know what they are, we first have to talk about the physical properties of the amulet. Tiger's eye has microcrystals of quartz and other minerals (such as limonite) that give it a medium hardness on the Mohs scale.

As we have stated above, it is not a particularly expensive stone. This doesn't stop it from being very popular in all different types of jewelry and can be combined with precious metals and stones to create expensive jewelry.

It is said that the tiger's eye, also known as the ‘Stone of Freedom’, is charged with positive energy. This quality protects bearers of the stone against bad vibrations from the environment and can help us maintain balance in adverse situations. This means if we are scared, anxious or having difficulty in making decisions, the tiger's eye can help us to counteract these problems. It is considered a fundamental stone in Chinese medicine, used to balance yin and yang.

Its use is also related to good physical and psychological health. It is said that tiger's eye quartz enhances the action of the 7 chakras, especially those that influence concentration or creativity.

What Is a Tiger's Eye Stone and It's Meaning? - Properties of tiger's eye stone

Uses of tiger's eye stones

One of the most popular beliefs among lovers of esotericism is that the energy of tiger's eye quartz can be very good for our health. In fact, it is related to benefits such as the following:

  • Helps relieve headache
  • Stimulates faster recoveries after illness or injury
  • It is beneficial to maintain inner balance
  • It is considered a fundamental stone to enjoy mental serenity
  • Great ally against problems such as anxiety or stress
  • Stimulates creativity and personal concentration

It is important to note there is little to know peer-reviewed medical evidence to support these health properties. Its use in alternative medicine can be controversial and should not replace a qualified doctor's treatment.

Many people use the tiger's eye in meditation. When placed between the eyebrow's, the chakra known as the third eye, practitioners say it can open the mind and channel positive energy throughout the body. This can increase inner strength and provide greater emotional stability.

This stone is said to also provide optimism and vitality. It is believed that it can be of great help when making difficult decisions or undertaking a new project. The tiger's eye is said to bring not only luck, but also money, success and prosperity.

While it is true that these benefits are not scientifically proven, those who believe in the power and energy of stones do not hesitate to have this amulet on hand. It is said to be one of the most versatile and interesting. If you are looking for information on how other gems can help you, take a look at our articles on the best gemstones to attract love and the best gemstones to attract money.

What Is a Tiger's Eye Stone and It's Meaning? - Uses of tiger's eye stones

How to use tiger eye

You already know the properties and benefits of tiger's eye. However, you may wonder how to charge the tiger's eye or how to wear it to take advantage of its benefits.

According to esotericism, the tiger's eye must be cleaned for use. Clean the stone under a tap of normal cold water for about 1 minute. If you wish, you can immerse the stone in saltwater first. This is believed to absorb negative energies stored in the stone from previous usage. Charging the tiger's eye stone is carried out by leaving it under the light of a full moon overnight. This is believed to activate the beneficial properties of the amulet.

As a powerful gemstone, it might be something to save for when needed. Charging should be carried out every 2 months or so, although this depends on what you are going through. You can wait more or less time, accordingly.

How to wear the tiger's eye

Tiger eye is worn in bracelets, embedded in earrings or pendants, or simply kept in a purse or pocket. Many people carry what they consider to be a powerful amulet. I you have decided to use the stone in bracelets, you may be wondering in which hand the tiger's eye bracelet is used. It is aid that to drive away bad energies and protect you and your loved ones, it is best to carry the tiger's eye in your left hand.

If you want to make your own tiger's eye bracelet, take a look at our guide to DIY leather cord bracelets with charms.

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What Is a Tiger's Eye Stone and It's Meaning?