Are Solar Panels Safe for your Health?

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
Are Solar Panels Safe for your Health?

According to recent researches, one hour of solar energy given by the sun is enough to meet the Earth’s energy requirements for as long as one year. Solar panels need to be installed in order to convert solar energy into electricity, and these are the shining beacons that are expected to lead the world out of an energy crisis. But did you know that solar panels produce harmful toxic waste just like computers, TVs and cell phones? So, here at, let’s discuss about are solar panels safe for your health or not.

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Solar panels emit electro-magnetic radiation

Solar panels use some components that are responsible for radiating radio frequency electro-magnetic radiation at high levels. These radiations pose serious health risk to people with EHS or electro-magnetic hypersensitivity. The primary health risk involved with generation of solar energy is that such hypersensitive people may get really sick even with radiation in very small amount, even if it comes from a computer, cell phone or any other electronic appliance. Solar energy production can further make the situation worse. Some of the symptoms include restlessness and headaches, and most people inside a home with solar panels may not even identify the cause.

Are Solar Panels Safe for your Health? - Solar panels emit electro-magnetic radiation

Solar panels leave silicon dust

Pure silicon is a basic component of a solar panel. When inhaled, silicon dust proves to be a harmful risk to human health, especially if done for a long period of time. Exposure to silicon dust may result in silicosis, a lung disease in which scar tissue is formed in the lungs, due to which the capacity of the lung to process oxygen is reduced significantly. On the other hand, solar cells are made up of non-recyclable materials too. Since there is no environment friendly way to dispose them off, it poses a threat to environment too.

Solar heating systems have chemical and electrical components

A solar water heating system uses the solar energy to warm up your bath water. Some heating systems may be efficient to heat up your entire house. These systems have solar collectors which process the solar energy for generating heat. These contain electrical and chemical components which some people may be sensitive to. Exposure to such components may be harmful for sensitive people, particularly if they are exposed to them for long periods of time.

Are Solar Panels Safe for your Health? - Solar heating systems have chemical and electrical components

When installed on rooftops

Buildings with solar panels installed on their rooftops cannot be saved from fire by firefighters. In case of a fire, firefighters cannot maneuver on your rooftop and may not be able to handle the fire. They can't even turn the solar panel off, as they require light to stay energized.

Are Solar Panels Safe for your Health? - When installed on rooftops

Solar panels have batteries with harmful substances

During nights, when the Sun is not visible or when there is a rainy day, you need batteries to store solar power. These batteries contain sulfuric acid and lead, both of which are extremely hazardous materials for humans, as well as for the entire environment. Lead batteries may also explode when exposed to water. So, they have an added risk for you and your house.

So, are they safe?

With further research projects and development, health risks associated with solar panels may be better addressed and managed. Hopefully,the latest solar energy technology in the future will be free from such negative aspects and health risks.

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it gives some idea , but whether one should go for it or not is clearly replied as regards to EMF
Are Solar Panels Safe for your Health?
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Are Solar Panels Safe for your Health?

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