Meaning of the Black Panther Spirit Animal

By Mary Smith. May 24, 2021
Meaning of the Black Panther Spirit Animal

Many indigenous American cultures firmly believed in the power of animals as guides and protectors. In fact, in their rituals they invoked them in order to acquire certain traits of the animal to help them in a particular task or for a certain problem (e.g. for battle). These were invoked regularly and different members of the group would have different spirit animals. Often, they were used for protection, but not always.

The black panther is one of the most powerful spirit animals, known for various traits. At oneHOWTO we look at the symbolism of black panthers by asking what is the meaning of the black panther spirit animal.

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What is the black panther mythology?

First of all, it should be noted that the black panther does not refer to a specific animal, but to a group of animals of the Panthera genus. These include the leopard, the jaguar and the puma (cougar). When we mention a ‘panther’, we can refer to any of these three species of animals that belong to the same feline genus.

On the other hand, if we say ‘black panther’ we are specifying melanistic big cats. These are animals with so much melanin their hair turns dark black. These have been mythologized for their extraordinariness for millennia.

Among shamans, the black panther was positioned as a spirit animal, given its distinctive characteristics. In fact, of all the panthers, the black panther is the one with the greatest mysticism associated with it. The black panther is a symbol of fertility and the energy of the night (similar to moon imagery). The black panther as spirit animal helps us not to fear the dark, but to see it as an ally from which we can learn great powers and lessons.

Additionally, as an animal totem, the black panther is a symbol of protection and power. So if you have a panther as an animal guide, you will be constantly protected by this ferocious and aggressive animal from your enemies. The black panther is also a symbol of courage and bravery. At the same time, in some cultures, the panther is associated with the sun and vitality, given the energy and strength of these animals.

It should also be noted that when the black panther comes into your life as spirit animal, it is a call to release from ties and an invitation to start a new stage.

Meaning of the Black Panther Spirit Animal - What is the black panther mythology?

Meaning of the black panther spirit animal

The black panther is a spirit animal which has been associated with various cultures. When the panther, as your guiding spirit, comes to you, it does so to provoke a series of questions, such as the following:

  • Am I spiritually lost?
  • Am I forgetting myself?
  • Am I very defensive lately? If so, why?
  • Is there something inside me that is preventing me from moving forward?
  • Is my dark side trying to tell me something?

The black panther can come to us in moments of existential crisis or problems of another nature, in order to guide us on our journey and provide us with that extra courage and strength that we need, both physically, spiritually and energetically.

Likewise, the black panther as a spirit animal can appear to attract our attention and make us realize that something on our dark side is unbalanced. This is because the panther as a totem is capable of neutralizing negative energies, both ours and those of our closest friends and family. When people we love are in a dark place, it can (and should) end up affecting us. In this way, it shows that we either need to be careful and protect ourselves, or we need to draw closer to those we love and be the protector.

In short, when the black panther comes into our lives, it does so so that we analyze our situation and realize what is unbalanced so that we can solve it successfully.

Identify with a black panther

If your animal totem is the black panther, you are probably a person with these characteristics:

  • Intuitive
  • Psychic
  • Artistic
  • Spiritual

It is said that people whose spirit animal is the black panther (whether you have the leopard, the jaguar or the puma as your power animal), usually have great knowledge of the spirit world , as well as a deeper understanding of life and the soul.

However, these people do not normally realize that they are born with these abilities , so the black panther may appear in their dreams as a symbol of this deep spirituality that they possess.

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Meaning of the Black Panther Spirit Animal - Identify with a black panther

Black panther and African culture

Although the black panther is a symbol of various cultures, in the last 100 years or so, it is particularly associated with African and African American culture. The panther is a strong animal which is a protector of its own kind and will not stand down in the face of intimidation from others. The black panther is no different, but when we consider their melanistic nature, it is no surprise it is associated with dark skin.

We can see this in the Black Panther civil rights movement and, more recently, from the Black Panther Marvel character. These take the idea of a spirit animal and apply it to civil rights movements which require similar traits of strength and protection. They also show the beauty and power of African cultures as they are reflected in the animal.

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Meaning of the Black Panther Spirit Animal
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Meaning of the Black Panther Spirit Animal

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