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What Are Libras Like In Life And Love

What Are Libras Like In Life And Love

People born between September 23 and October 22, belong to the zodiac sign known as the most the balanced and civilised, although they don't like to be contradicted at all. They possess great sensitivity, love, beauty and harmony, and can sometimes lack authority in their efforts to get along with others. If you want to learn more about this air sign, at we'll explain Libra characteristics.

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Common Libra characteristics

People born under the sign of Libra are known for their sense of justice and the tendency to always be as impartial as possible, which can sometimes lead to being indecisive. Libras love beauty and are usually very sensitive, but hate routine because of the fact that they're very curious.

Nor do they like anyone to contradict them, and will firmly defend their position or opinion, while always trying to be as diplomatic as possible and managing to get along with everyone.

How Libras are at work

In the workplace, Libras can use their impartiality to mediate in difficult situations and help to resolve conflicts. They're able to appreciate the efforts of others and work well in a group. In decision making, another important Libra attribute is the ability to diplomatically weigh all options.

Some people say that Libras are lazy and don't like to work. This isn't true, but they do need motivation to work. It just takes them a bit longer than the rest to start doing things or begin a new project or personal goal. They only need a small push to adapt to change and gather strength to assume new responsibilities.

How Libras are in love and romantic relationships

Again, Libra's sense of equality will make them great friends, who know how to listen and always try to put themselves in the other person's position. Likewise, we should highlight that Libras don't like being alone, so they are very sociable and always try to make a good impression.

In order to seduce a Libra, you must be very social as well, and make your partner feel loved, while making sure that the conditions are perfect.

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What Are Libras Like In Life And Love
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What Are Libras Like In Life And Love