What Are Aquarius Traits? Life, Love & Work

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 11, 2018
What Are Aquarius Traits? Life, Love & Work

Aquarius is the second to last sign of the zodiac wheel and symbolizes generosity and humility. Aquarians tend to be imaginative, thoughtful and love to help others. They are very intelligent, independent and equipped with a vivid imagination. The Aquarian can see a multitude of options and solutions even when it seems that there are none, they have a huge problem solving capacity. They can always solve any problem or difficult situation without bias and while taking into consideration all parties involved. If you want to know more about this special sign, read this oneHOWTO article with a guide through this signs' life love and work in order to discover: what are Aquarius' traits?

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General Aquarius traits and character

We distinguish two different types of Aquarius, one is shy, quiet, patient and responsive while the other is energetic, eccentric and very outgoing. However, both are used to living in the present. They live very intensely and make the best of every moment while always remaining forward-thinking. People born under this sign are very organized and need to have everything planned.

Aquarius loves innovation and originality, so rejects being like everyone else. They prefer to create their own path and are not afraid to highlight differences. They never follow a prescribed fashion, to the contrary, they create trends. They are free souls, hate ties and enclosed spaces. Like all good air signs they need to breathe. Even in the case of energetic Aquarius, these people feel a deep need to be alone from time to time, to get away from the world and escape to recover all that energy they have lost.

One of the most common traits in Aquarius is that they need motivation to achieve the results expected of them, without mental stimulation they get bored. To achieve stability and self-assurance is paramount to Aquarius.

Let's take a look at the top traits of Aquarius and some important information that can tell us a lot about them:

  • Aquarius are an air sign, just like Gemini and Libra. This makes them highly spiritual, listeners and philosophers. They love listening and learning and are very empathetic.
  • Their ruling planets are both Uranus and Saturn, which means that they will have a visionary quality that they will have hidden and will also give them power of adaptation. Saturday is thus their day.
  • Their color is blue and even silver hue, as one of their birthstones is Lapis lazuli, which is one of the best Gemstones for Aquarius. This stone will helps get rid of any negative emotions and will purify their thoughts.
  • Aquarius love having fun with their friends, will be great defenders of what they believe in and talking to people who can understand them.
  • On the other hand, things that Aquarius detest are people making false promises, being alone and people strongly disagreeing with their thoughts.

How are Aquarius at work

What are Aquarius traits at work? First of all, they are very diligent, responsible and fast learning workers. They acquire new knowledge with extreme ease and without lengthy explanations. On the other hand, their sensitive side will be easily offended by an unfortunate comment or a cruel or unconscious gesture. For this we must take special tact with Aquarius and give them criticism politely and respectfully, never shouting or using rude words.

Their great intellect and desire for innovation leads them to be entrepreneurs or self-employed. Aquarius are very tolerant and are endowed with an objective judgement or, at least they never let themselves be swayed by prejudice. Therefore, they are excellent in the field of writing, education or psychology.

Let's take a look at the jobs and careers that best suit Aquarius:

  • Social worker: The ideal career for Aquarius has to be in the social field. Working side by side with those in need, helping other who can't help themselves will be highly satisfactory for Aquarius and will feel highly accomplished doing this job.
  • Scientist: The highly intellectual Aquarius will find IT language, investigation and challenges the best parts of being scientists, whatever their branch. They will enjoy the recognition when they achieve a discovery and will try to perfect their creation and work.
  • Teacher: Another career that involves social skills and a will to help others improve is teaching, a job that Aquarius will find extremely fulfilling as they will enjoy seeing how their students improve and take them as an example.
  • Project manager: Working with statistics, people's habits, developing strategies and implementing them is something this air sign will also be good at. They will however prefer to work with a team of people and will need to avoid the isolation that this job sometimes entails.
What Are Aquarius Traits? Life, Love & Work - How are Aquarius at work

How are Aquarius in love and relationships

In love, Aquarius are committed, passionate, affectionate and generous if they find a partner who fits perfectly to what they want. Being independent people with a need to escape from time to time, Aquarius requires a partner that gives them the space they need to dedicate time to themselves. To seduce an Aquarian you must show your most humanitarian side and avoid falling for convention. An Aquarian never forgets or forgives a breach of trust, like cheating, although they will probably swear to be over it.

Now, let's take a look at compatibility of Aquarius with other zodiac signs:

  • Aquarius and Gemini: These two signs are both fun-loving, so relationships between these two will be an adventure full of joy in themselves. You will engage in intellectual debate and conversation, enjoying how much you are learning with each other. You will have great compatibility in bed, reaching levels of emotional connection that are difficult to compare.
  • Aquarius and Libra: Yet another perfect match between signs of the same element. Libra and Aquarius will enjoy a light and non-complicated relationship which will have a great social element involved. You will have wonderful chemistry and will enjoy discovering new frontiers you would never have though you would cross. It's all about new experiences with these two zodiac signs.
  • Aquarius and Sagittarius: Sagittarius are very optimistic, which is a quality that Aquarius will value highly. Their positive attitude towards life, you both value your own independence, which means you will understand each other's freedoms.
  • Aquarius and Leo:This may be an unusual match, as these two signs do not generally have much in common. However, they make excellent travel partners. They will also be very connected on a sexual level and they will enjoy unexpected romanticism in the most unlikely places and times. This may not be a long-lasting relationship if they don't find enough common ground to build on, but they can work things out.


Friendship is one of the most important values for Aquarius. Aquarians find it hard to establish a bond of friendship because they believe that a close relationship is always synonymous with pain and suffering. Therefore, they do not usually have many friends but the few they have, they care for and are fully committed to them. From both friends and relatives, they seek creativity, communication and above all honesty.

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What Are Aquarius Traits? Life, Love & Work
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