What are Cancerians Like in Love and Life?

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 15, 2018
What are Cancerians Like in Love and Life?

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and governs those born between June 22 and July 22. It is characterized as being one of the most challenging of all the zodiac signs; they can be difficult to understand and present an array of personalities, from very shy to very daring. They are conservative, strong, safe, very family oriented and home bound. These are just some of the features that characterize this water sign. If you want to know more, discover: what are Cancerians like?Learn about their traits, love and life traits, and what makes them so special in the following oneHOWTO article.

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General characteristics of Cancer

Cancer is a water sign that is ruled by the Moon. This could explain their character and behavior which is somewhat discordant and with rapid mood changes. They go from feeling melancholy and sad to elated and excited in no time. Perhaps that is why they are defined as enigmatic and mysterious people. They exert a special power of attraction on others who are curious to discover their true self. They are determined but simultaneously very shy and reserved, confident, whimsical, stubborn, tenacious and highly intuitive. However, those who know them intimately can identify someone completely different; in them they find someone sweet and extremely sensitive with the people they love.

Furthermore, Cancerians love receiving flattery from others, they are ambitious but get easily offended and often feel targeted and attacked without reason.

They are also very family oriented people. Like a crab in its shell, a cancer's home is a retreat for them to become isolated and withdrawn. They love travelling, art, literature, music, everything related to the drama and action, and have excellent literary talent and are also very good in writing.

Let's take a look at the most important Cancer zodiac facts:

  • Cancer is a water sign. This makes them highly spiritual, they are connected with their psyche and are generally very sensitive people. They are thus very intuitive.
  • Cancer's color is white. This is because this zodiac sign is ruled by the moon and thus this color will have a calming and soothing effect on them.
  • Cancer's favorite days are Mondays and Thursdays. This is mainly because this zodiac sign is highly tenacious, and will face working days with passion and determination.
  • Cancerians love arts and crafts, love decorating their home, love water sports and enjoy a good meal.
  • Cancerians hate people whom criticize their family, they don't like talking about their personal life very easily.

How are Cancerians at work

At work, Cancers are characterized as successful, ambitious and persistent. They propose new goals and do not give up until reaching them. Their great confidence drives them to dedicate their life to a profession of a vocational nature. They love studying and understanding and analysing the opinions of others, this enabling them to have much success as writers, journalists or politicians. They also feel comfortable working in the public sector and transferring knowledge and teaching others. Their innate concern for stability leads them to fear the risk of new and very different experiences, but at the same time this helps them in financial matters. They are savers and manage their money well, preferring to invest and see returns increasing day by day than to to splurge and take on unnecessary expenses.

There are certain jobs that will suit Cancerians more than others, this is why oneHOWTO has prepared a list of careers for Cancer zodiac sign:

  • Gallery owner:As mentioned above, Cancerians love art. This is why a career as an art dealer and even turning into a gallery owner will be a great suit for this zodiac sign. They will have an eye for beauty, have the patience to find the best pieces and have a great sense of harmony.
  • Programmer: Software programming and developing requires both imagination, patience and practical skills. Cancer will understand the language and engage in it in depth and will apply all their organizational skills in the job.
  • Childcare worker:Caring for others is one of Cancer's best qualities. Added to the amount of patience they have, any type of social work that involves children will be a perfect suit for this zodiac sign. They will help people and guide them through those difficult times and help them improve in order to achieve their goals.
  • Teacher:Cancerians will be very good teachers due to their desire to help others succeed. Their knack with children means that they will really care about their education and will have the patience required to make sure they learn what they should.
  • Therapist: Consistency and patience will provide Cancer the perfect tools to work with their clients. Their treatments will also commonly be creative, and their results will be spectacular, even if it takes a long time for their patients to improve.
What are Cancerians Like in Love and Life? - How are Cancerians at work

How are Cancerians in love and relationships

Understanding a Cancerian in love can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky. A Cancerian may go from being the most sweet and tender to be the most annoying and quiet of the lot. What is worst of all is that you will have no idea why. However, if you have been or are lucky enough to seduce a Cancerian you will find a good lover who, when in love, is 100% committed and makes the other person feel special, unique, desired, etc. A downside to this is that they may also be quite demanding and possessive. They need their partners to give them security, understanding and protection.

In relationships Cancer values loyalty and fidelity above all else. They are compassionate, good listeners, give good advice and are empathetic.

Cancer zodiac compatibility is something people pay special attention to, as they won't have such a good relationship with certain zodiac signs as they do with others. So who is a Cancer most compatible with? Let's find out:

  • Cancer and Taurus:The loyalty Cancer can provide Taurus is something this sign will value greatly. They will both enjoy mutual emotional support and usually have very deep and meaningful relationships. Taurus will be highly affectionate towards Cancer, and is thus a match made to last.
  • Cancer and Virgo:Harmony and stability are the two nouns that define this relationship better. You are both very hard working and are very serious when it comes to your careers, so you could easily become a power couple. Criticism may affect the relationship, so make sure you know how to say things without being hurtful.
  • Cancer and Scorpio: This is a relationship that will get on perfectly way on all levels. You both value commitment, are highly intuitive and enjoy peace and quiet. This does not mean the relationship will be dull, you will always find new ways of surprising each other, keeping the flame alive.
  • Cancer and Cancer: Some couples of the same sign don't tend to get along well. However, in the case of two Cancerians, you will definitely be on the same emotional level. Passive aggressiveness may be a problem that may break up this relationship, although attentiveness and nurturing will be your best qualities. It will be a pretty familiar relationship.

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What are Cancerians Like in Love and Life?
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What are Cancerians Like in Love and Life?

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